Less by Level 1 Productions has made it into Vimeo’s Top 10 videos of 2014. Distributed by X-Treme Video, Less is the 15th annual ski motion picture from Level 1 and is available to purchase on Vimeo.

Irreverent and wild, the newest offering from Level 1 is no-holds-bar fun. Filming over a dozen athletes on location from all over the world, the Level 1 team makes one of their most accomplished, while still playful, films on what is now their 15th time out. Both a love letter and a screw-you to urban skiing, the film finds some of the best skiers in the world doing their most inventive tricks on and off office buildings, staircases, city parks, and more. With those brain-boggling tricks, new and exciting skiers and the best cinematography to date, LESS proves that it is definitely more.” (Jeffrey Bowers)

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