XTreme Video is excited to announce the international VOD release of “Let’s Be Frank”, a highly-anticipated 52 minute fiction/non fiction film portraying the apparent double life of Frank James Solomon, produced by Hamblin Imagery along with co-producers Red Bull Media House and Clapham Road Studios. This visceral journey through the unseen and unknown world of the big wave surfer from South Africa is now available on iTunesVimeo on Demand, Google Play, Amazon instant VideoReelhouseThe Surf Network. More information HERE.


Let’s Be Frank from XTreme Video on Vimeo.


Based on the supposed double life of South African big wave surfer Frank James Solomon, this out- of-the-box surf film is set in a “conspiracy theory”, where the lines of myth, legend and reality are increasingly blurred.

Featuring hit men, drag queens and layer cake, and starring familiar faces from the surfing world appearing in unfamiliar situations, this 52 minute film will take audiences on an intercontinental clandestine investigation leading to ask the question… Who is Frank? A gambler? A playboy? How is he funding his travels? And how does he negotiate his sponsorship deals? Ask yourself as well, if you were a conspirator, what storytelling references would you use?

Lets talk about frank 3

Frank James Solomon will let nothing get in the way of his dream of being a pro surfer. He battles waves, attacks problems head on and busts down barriers. His many complex facades are a source of intrigue for our narrator, an inquisitive aristocrat. Our conspirator guides us through mirrored worlds of fact and fiction, proposing wild theories and exposing a realm that lies somewhere between reality and what we are continuously told to believe.

Written and directed by up-and-coming South African visionary Peter Hamblin, Let’s Be Frank showcases his trademark style as previously showcased in The Wright Side of Wrong and The Ripple Effect (series) but elevates further combining stunning cinematography with a fast paced, multi-layered storyline, and unusual narrative which depicts the questionable life of adventurer Frank James Solomon, seen partly through the eyes of the film’s narrator and conspirator and his scene- setting references.


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