Scoot2street took YouTube by storm by combining his athletic prowess and his on screen presence.

Antoine (Scoot2stree) is a name everyone needs to keep a close eye on. He has already proven his athleticism in massive competition and more notably his recent ‘tour’ where he spent some time in Australia, USA, and Canada honing his skills and conquering new challenges.

Today he is the leading Street Scooter Channel France, with over 370k followers on YouTube and almost 90k on Instagram.

The young star also runs a successful online boutique selling his own brand S2S. His community are always quick to rally behind him with every new project, his most recent collaboration with Wass Freestyle; who has over 2.5million subscribers on YouTube, saw the pair test each other in their respective sports with each attempting to out do the other.

The future is certainly bright for Antoine and XTreme will certainly keep an eye out for him!

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