X-treme Video is proud to announce a new media partnership with the London Surf Film Festival.



October is a magical time for surfers on the British Isles. Our peak swell season kicks in and approaching lines are greeted by warm off-shores that marshal the ocean’s energies into moments that live long in the memory.

October 2013 saw the 3rd annual London Surf / Film Festival hit the UK, one of Europe’s most creative and relevant surf happenings.

Across 4 nights, LS/FF brought to the capital international surfing’s hottest releases, underground hits, independent features and European Premieres from established filmmakers and emerging artists as well as the best short film productions from Britain and Ireland. Alongside the screenings we hosted Q+A sessions, talks and workshops, the ‘Approaching Lines Room’ a curated space for makers and doers to showcase their work, plus a gallery, music and more.

Bringing together the cream of contemporary film, art, photography, commentary and design from waveriding’s most exciting creatives, the London Surf / Film Festival is a celebration of surfing, its roots and the unique culture that surrounds it.

For more info visit the website: http://www.londonsurffilmfestival.com/


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