This month we would like to introduce our new movie released on Itunes VOD platform: Coping Mechanism.

Coping Mechanism is a documentary about the unique skateboarders of the Swedish city of Malmö and how they build their community and spots on their own terms and with their own hands, all with a special support network from a city that sees the social value that a strong skater-run scene has to offer.


Here Phil explains a little more about his latest project, Coping Mechanism.

The Malmö scene is quite unique to me in a variety of ways, such a variety that I felt compelled to try represent this array of radness in a documentary film.

I believe other skate scenes around the world could learn a lot from the scene here, as despite the size of the city they have managed to create a skate scene here that punches way above its weight and is producing a growing list of skater-designed parks and DIY spots and a range of very talented skateboarders that span a large social and age spread.

Coping Mechanism

Cping Mechanism is a 71 minutes English Documentary available to own or rent here.

Movie Trailer :

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