World Wingsuit League (WWL) release thrilling and adrenaline fuelled new web series – FLIGHT LINE. Each episode brings you closer to climbing into the wingsuit of the world’s leading pilots.

WWL was formed to meet the demand of “proximity flyers” for competitions that tested their skills not just against the mountains but against each other. It administers invitational wingsuit flying competition events worldwide.

Flight Line features the following pilots: Andy Farrington, Carlos Briceño, Carson Klein https, Chris “Douggs” Mcdougall, Dominik Wicki, Ellen Brennan, Espen Fadnes, Frederik “Bruce Lee” Hedeen, James Boole, Jason Molendsky, Jhonathan Florez, Joakim “Jokke” Sommer, Julian Boulle, Melissa Pemberton, Laurent Frat, Marshall Miller, Maurizio “Maury” Di Palma, Sebastian Alvarez, Noah Bahnson, Rex Pemberton, Roberta Mancino, Luke Hively, Tom Erik Heimen, Uli Emanuele, Vincent “Le Blond” Descols and Yuri Coridero.

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