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Urban Street Bike Warriors World Wide Live

United States / 2005 / Motor - RoadBike

Digital HD / Action / English / 42 mins

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In the summer of 2005, the first ever tour of its kind brought some of Americas most talented riders over to foreign soil for the first time. On Memorial Day Weekend the U.S. military flew the tour down to Guantanamo Bay Cuba for the first ever stunt show on Communist soil to entertain the troops stationed there. From acclaimed filmmaker Drew Stone comes this exciting adventure that blasts across the globe and off into parts unknown. From the first Americans to ever ride in Poland’s infamous Bielawa Street Fighter Festival to the landmark inaugural stunt show in the ‘Bigfoot’ Redwood forest of Humbolt County Ca. Follow us on this exciting and history making journey with some of the best known and well loved American riders as they blaze a path into the future.


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