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United States / 2009 / Water - Surf

Digital HD / Action / English / mins

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This is Home is the first of a surf trilogy from acclaimed Director and Editor Nathan Apffel, who took Edit of the Year in France at Festival De Sur in 2007. This is Home examines the definition of home and travel for professional surfers from all aspects of the industry. Shot entirely in High Definition, This is Home showcases breathtaking landscapes from Tahiti and Australia to the rugged harsh roads of deep Mainland Mexico; while discovering surf from Australia’s Gold Coast to the best barrel surfing in the world with Brian Conley, Nathan Fletcher and Hopper Eichstadt. Featuring some of the most cutting edge independent musicians from around the world, This is Home is a creative artistic film that leaves the viewer with an understanding of what home is to a surfer, and a yearning for travel and adventure.


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