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There’s No I

2007 / Water - Bodyboard

Digital HD / Documentary / English / 54 mins

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Combine five of the world’s best bodyboarders with one of the premier bodyboard production companies and you get – the best bodyboarding movie for 2007.

For their 2007 production, Waldron Bros Productions has taken a different approach to your standard bodyboarding movie. Enlisting the skills and personalities of riders Alex Bunting, Ryan Hardy, Dallas Singer, Micheal Novy and Dave Winchester. The aim of this year long project is to capture not only bodyboarding action, but deliver a movie that accurately depicts the lifestyle, camaraderie, and locations in which professional bodyboarder’s live and travel to, together. Each trip will include not just insane bodyboarding but also the crew having fun together and enjoying the freedom of the bodyboarding lifestyle.


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