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The Arena

2010 / Mountain - Snowboard

Digital HD / Action / English

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Ahhhhhh yeeeeeuh!! Here we are again!! Thank you all for your support with our last movie. It’s been so good that we just have to do it again and again, and it keeps gettin’ betta and betta!!! We love this sport and what we do sooo much, and it’s all possible because of the people that love the same thing we do!! We give other haters things to talk about, don’t we?! hahhahaa! At least it gives people something different to watch… instead of the same ol’ kind of snowboarding that people are used to! We have a pretty damn unique set of dudes, and we love our crew. A bunch of dedicated snowboarders that don’t really care about what others think, and just ride what they want, instead of what everybody else does!! We’re not forced to do contests, or train to be “number 1″. We don’t try to ” keep up with the Jones’s”, if you get smell what I’m cookin’, heard?!! So thank all y’all!! We love you!!! Your boys, MFM & Friends!


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