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State of Mind

2006 / Mountain - Snowboard

Digital HD / Action / English / 35 mins

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Finger On Da Trigger Productions Inc. who is known in the snowboard Industry as one of the most innovative and creative filming companies to bring a blend of young fresh talent mixed with proven veterans is pleased to announce their new DVD “State of Mind”� will be released in September by Ally Distribution.  Producers of such classics as “Represent”�, “General Population”�, “Living Proof”�, “One Love”� and “Moment of Truth”� the new film’s music will be mixed by all time favorite Marco Frank Montoya a.k.a. MFM and included as a separate CD. The sound track will be hand picked by the riders in the movie then mixed by MFM in a Mix Tape type platform.  “State of Mind”� will highlight the next generation of bad boys like Max Legend, Yan Doffin, Lil Steez, Dave Munoa and Jake Devine along with industry veterans Justin Bennee, Aaron Biittner, Eric Messier, J.P. Tomich, Chris Bradshaw and Mark”�Deadlung”� Edlung.  The riders will be showcasing new street moves along with fresh back-country action. E-Stone and Cole Taylor have again captured the heart and spirit of the sport and many of the young talent will be next year’s stars.


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