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Stand Up Paddle Surfing 2

2008 / Water - Surf

Digital HD / Action / English / 66 mins

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Premier Productions, producers of Award Winning “HOW- TO” videos (RAVE, SPEED IQ, BOOST & UNLEASHED, THE FORCE, LIQUID THUNDER AT JAWS & CRAZY DAYS) present volume 2 of
“How-To Stand Up Paddle Surf” video from the shores of Hawaii.
Strap in for over 60 minutes of insane paddle surfing as Hawaii’s top watermen take you step-by-step from riding small waves to advanced riding maneuvers. Plus Pro Tips, Racing Techniques, Exotic travel and tons of action in-between.
The most insane S.U.P action, travel & Instruction ever featured on one film” Brian Keaulana — Hawaiian Legendary Waterrman.


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