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Skateboard Madness

United States / 2003 / Urban - Skateboard

Digital HD / Action / English / 57 mins

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Starring Stacy Peralta, Kent Senatore, Dan “Mini Shred” Smith, Gregg Ayres, and Kurt “Mellow Cat” Ledterman, Skateboard Madness is the story of an adventurous skate photographer (Ledterman) who sets out to capture “something new, something fresh” for the pages of Wonder Rolling News. With his job on the line, Cat hits the road with this band of “freaked-out gonzo humanoids on wheels” to visit some of the epic skate spots of the 60s, 70s, and 80s: Paul Revere Junior High, Lakewood, Turningpoint Ramp, Arizona Pipes, Endless Wave, Solid Surf, Brentwood School, Marina Del Rey, La Costa, Vista, Bellagio School, and Palisades High. Skateboard Madness is a madcap odyssey through a period of incredible transformation in the world of skateboarding, all caught by the lens of master surf filmmaker Hal Jepsen. Over ten minutes of bonus skate footage, interviews with Jepsen and Peralta, and appearances by many of skateboarding’s celebrated pioneers make this film a must-see for any true skate historian, or anyone in need of a dose of radical action. Alan “Ollie” Gelfand, Shogo Kubo, Jerry Valdez, Danny Bearer, Torger Johnson, George Trafton, John Fries, Steve Caballero.



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