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2009 / Mountain - Ski

Digital HD / Action / English / 50 mins

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Signatures is the an incredible new Ski movie shot exclusively in Japan by master cinematographer Nicholas Waggoner & the Sweetgrass Productions crew.

Shot in glorious HD, Signatures is an incredible human endeavour, no machines, just man, the mountains and back country skiing in all forms forms! A beautiful cinematic ski film which captures the essence of being out in the wild from dodging avalanches to carveing beautiful turns on virgin powder!

Atheletes: Taro Tamai, Lorenzo Worster, Nick Devore, Will Cardamone, Jacqui Edgerly, Matt Philippi, Jamie Laidlaw, Jess McMillan, Yutaka Takanashi, Charlie Cannon, Eben Mond, MC Larivee, JT Robinson, Adam Moszynski, Caroline Gleich, Forrest Coots, Jake Sakson, Orry Grant, Mike Coletti, Ommu, Sheesa, Nobu, Kenichi Miyashita, Hayato “Bubbles” Maruyama, and Atsushi Gomyo.

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