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Saint Anthony – The Sand Crusades

2005 / Motor - Snowmobile

Digital HD / Action / English / 58 mins

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The veteran freeride snowmobile film team and the producers of the critically acclaimed Alticity snow series, Sled Vision Films, is entering the summer market with a new fast paced SAND flick: SAINT ANTHONY, THE SAND CRUSADES.  The Alticity Sand Team is hitting the sand to bring you a film DEDICATED to SAND MOTORSPORTS.  This is where you will find some of the biggest sand jumps on bikes and ATV’s, the fastest, loudest and craziest …more sand rails with more “bling bling” than you can imagine.l  The Sand Crusades is a RIDING video with first person camera angles, aerial shots, 910cc Nitrous fed quads, and sand in your mouth wipeouts.  An all ages film with no booze, nudity, or stupidity…Well OK, maybe a little stupidity


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