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United States / 2007 / Motor - Other

Digital HD / Action / English / 54 mins

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The leader in sand RIDING films is back again with this latest installment in the Sand Crusades series.  We’ve mixed the most extreme sand riding you’ve seen with some of the most scenic dune shots ever.    Travel with the riders to Glamis, Little Sahara, UT, Dunefest in Oregon and of course our home… the critically acclaimed St Anthony Sand Dunes.  This year, you hear from the riders on their experiences on setting world record jumps, breaking faces, necks, backs, and also the more laid back dune experiences we can all relate too.  Our utility division can’t be missed either with Nitrous fed 4×4’s and Super-charged Rhino’s climbing and jumping like the manufacturer’s never intended!  We’ve captured 800 HP+ diesel pickups roosting in the dunes as well as a high speed police rail chase with our bandito friends from Funco Rails.
ALL AGES.  No alcohol abuse, nudity, or profanity.
SC3: Assault on St. Anthony delivers the biggest air, nastiest wrecks and most well rounded group of riders with the widest range of vehicles on the sand.


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