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Australia / 2005 / Water - Bodyboard

Digital HD / Action / English

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The Final Chapter in the series. Retro 3 investigates “The Boom Days” of bodyboarding in the early nineties when the sport peaked worldwide in popularity.We also take a look at Waimea Shorey, Pipeline, Shark Island and other heavy wave breaks and the facination bodyboarders have with them. We investigate Womens bodyboarding as well as the young Aussie invasion with the likes of Damian King, Ben and Toby Player, Ryan Hardy and Mitch Rawlins. We follow the No Friends generation and the impact that they created on the sport as well as all the latest footage from all over the world. Plus a investigative report on where the sport is heading. This is the real story behind bodyboarding and with insight and performances from the worlds best riders this documentary is something all bodyboarders can be proud of…


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