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United States / 2007 / Water - Surf

Digital HD / Documentary / English / 50 mins

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Giant wave surfing is a world of huge risk, total commitment, international adventure, big personalities, and of course the world’s biggest waves. In a world increasingly defined by contrivance and posturing, giant wave surfing stands apart. Giant wave surfing is an uncharted frontier. The sport’s elite are pioneers, mavericks who chart their own course, take huge risks and live life to the extreme.

Quest follows the world’s elite giant wave surfers on their global quest to find and ride the biggest waves in the world. From the center of the big wave universe at Jaws on Maui to other giant wave spots around the globe, the film follows the sport’s most talented big wave riders. Quest takes viewers to the heart of the world’s most exciting, dangerous and dramatic sport.

Intimately documenting the lives of giant wave surfers as they seek out and ride monster waves Quest takes viewers into an elite subculture world of top athletes, big personalities and fierce passion for life and their sport. Hunting waves in the world’s most exotic locations, and during the awe-inspiring rides, viewers are taken on the trip of a lifetime never before captured as intimately and thoroughly as in Quest. Quest was filmed at locations around the world including, Maui, Tahiti, Mexico, Northern California and Oahu’s North Shore. Quest is produced and directed by Steven Ford and Ryan Casey. Quest is a Deepwater Films production. Quest is one-hour long.

Quest burns the heroic lives and rides of giant wave surfers into the public consciousness. The iconic figure of the giant wave warrior and the universal truths of fear and courage make this a film not just for surfers but for the public at large.


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