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2007 / Ski

Digital HD / Action / English / 49 mins

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Powderwhore Productions is back with their third powder filled backcountry skiing movie. PW07 takes the viewer to the ends of earth in search of never before skied terrain and untracked pow. The tele worlds best athletes display their skills in British Colombia, Baffin Island, The SawtoothactTms, The Chugach and back home to the Wasatch Mountains. Known for their ability to capture the “White Room”, PW delivers their deepest pow segment ever. Dave Stratton, Andy Jacobsen, Charlie Cannon, Will Cardamone, Noah and Jonah Howell make up the primary players on this years roster. Nick Devore has a breakout performance with his mind blowing Alaska lines and his amazing showing at the Alpine Freeskiing Competition where he defeats many of today’s top Alpine skiers on his Telemark gear. This film is hands down the best display of Telemark skiing the world has yet to see.


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