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Purple Yeahh

2007 / Mountain - Snowboard

Digital HD / Action / English / 45 mins

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PURPLE YEAHH a 16mm snowboard freedom collage sets the pace : Wether it’s Steve Gruber destroying pillows in B.C., Tonton Holland’s stylish approach and variety towards things, Cheryl Maas’skatementality, Tyler Chorlton’s creativity with a straight forwarded style, or Iker Fernandez’s experienced playing in the back of the country, every single rider offers something special and unique to the movie, all mixed up with different approaches and new ideas by music artists like Konie and Michael Staron. Jessie Fischer, a wizard in the cutting division, sets the right mood with fresh and clean cutting techniques. To
complete it fully, Christian Neuenschwander lays it out with his fine sense for sick graphics.


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