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Pure Drifting

United States / 2006 / Motor - Drift

Digital HD / Action / English / 59 mins

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Pure Drifting DVD is a documentary style DVD highlighting the growth of Drifting in the USA. There’s track footage, car info, basic setup and interviews with US drifters like Rhys Millen, Ken Gushi, Benson Hsu(Sileightymania) and Nadine Toyoda amongst others. Take a 2,700 lb, 400 hp import car, combine with a highly skilled driver, connecting turns sideways, at high speed, under perfect control and you’ve just described Drifting. The sport is one of the hottest trends to ever hit the U.S. import car scene. Unlike all other forms of racing, Drifting is not about crossing the finish line first; it’s all about mastering car control. Learn about the modifications and aftermarket products that are needed to build a competitive Drifting car. Using footage from car-mounted cameras, ride along with professional drifters as they execute intenese, high speed, tire smoking drift runs at dozens of Drift events. Learn about Drifting in the U.S. through interviews with top American and Japanese drifters. Hear about the future of Drifting in the United States with the founders of Go Drift, a non-profit organization designed to promote and aid in the advancement of the sport of drifting in the U.S. and beyone.


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