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Planet Blow

France / 2011 / Water - Surf

Digital HD / Documentary / English / 60 mins

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2049 Paris: In the midst of an environmental and energy crisis, a jaded artist/surfer looks back on his life 40 years earlier in the form of self-critical flashbacks.

From the smoke-filled rooms of his rock music world, tainted with the dark clichés of its genre, he sets out to seek a new start and makes a radical change to his life, joining his childhood friend, a professional surfer and globetrotter.

They follow their trail and the story of his disillusionment, with our planet and environmental issues forming the backdrop.

By introducing his own character, confronted with his own doubts, Sylvain Demercastel shows us the flip side of a surfing trip for the very first time and produces an ecological science fiction film that “shocks” and opens our eyes to the extent of the impending disaster.

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