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United Kingdom / 2008 / Motor - Motocross

Digital HD / Action / English

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Baptisms dont come any more fiery than that of Josh Coppins. For MX fans that dedication to “The Art of MX” happens to be why Coppins demands one of the most fanatical types of race fan and why in this film about the 2008-2009 season we follow him on his epic journey to fulfill this lifelong dream. Hes a man on a mission, and only one mission, to win the MX1 World Championship and if it takes one more year then it will be one more year. Decades of incredibly hard work and total commitment have been rewarded so far with a runner up spot in 2006, 2007 he was off the podium and 2008 was full of the voodoo of misfortune. A horrific injury to his foot and just some plain old cases of bum luck were hurled furiously into Joshs well worn path of determined resistance and they derailed him on too many occasions. This year though we have a fitter, faster , focused and fatherly Josh Coppins. We have a new beginning, another fresh set of lap sheets and a plan that has yet to be completed. But what about that last year, what about that story, its here in this film, its bloody glory, ripped, raw, uncut and heart wrenching. Follow Josh during his hardest season so far. Snakes and Ladders is a Film about a true moto hero and his lifelong quest to be the MX1 World Champion, this is a tale of one more year.


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