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My eyes won’t dry 3

United States / 2010 / Water - Surf

Digital HD / Action / English / 49 mins

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Professional surfer and Point Of View cinematography master, Brian Conley presents the 3rd edition to his My Eyes Won’t Dry surf film series.

3 years in the making, captured in Full HD Quality, Conley takes viewers on the ride of their lives. A ride full of high adrenaline, danger, risk, rewards, stoke, beauty, excitement and thrill. A state of the art documentation of the elements and sensations of tube riding in high surf. Tube riding is known to be the most prized, sacred and technical acts in surfing. Along with a tight crew of hard chargers and tube gurus, Brian hunts for the very best tubes and visions he can find to full fill his tubular addiction. The film travels to very active swell areas including the pacific and indian oceans in search of large tubular surf.

Enjoy the revolutionary, never seen before angles from inside the tube sure to mesmerize viewers into a tubular fantasy.


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