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Europe and North America / 2015 / Mountain - Mountain BIke

4K / Ultra HD - 16.9 / Series / English / 10 x 26min mins

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MTB Insights offers a unique Ultra HD view into mountain biking today. Each episode takes an in-depth look at the culture and evolution of one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world. Follow top riders Sam Pilgrim, Matt MacDuff, Antoine Bizet and many more, to their favourite spots across Europe and North America.
Looking at each aspect of mountain biking, this series is for enthusiasts and experts alike.


“MTB INSIGHTS” is available now on Vimeo on Demand. Watch the trailer below.


Episodic Synopses

Woodward and Post Office 

A tour of two key spots in California; the immense compound at Woodward West, seen from the perspective of the staff as they share their favourite lines. As well as taking a look at the Post Office Jumps, a widely admired location for professional and young riders alike.

French Focus

Antoine Bizet, Yannick Graniery and Thomas Lemoine provide an insight into the lives of professional mountain bikers; the injuries, sacrifices and rewards, and some of their favourite hometown riding spots.

Produced in Poland

Gdanska on the North shore of Poland is the home of NS Bikes and it’s owner, Szymon Kobylinski who explains his aspirations and passion for the sport. NS Bikes are proud of their heritage with fellow Pole, Michal Kollbek, representing them in the mountain biking haven of California. NS Bikes are also extremely proud to sponsor Sam Pilgrim.

Brendan Fairclough

Brendan Fairclough travels to the RIDE Portugal facility in the Algarve region for advanced and intense downhill mountain bike training. He is widely recognized as one of the most well-rounded riders on the downhill circuit with a unique style that has captivated and inspired his many fans. Brendan’s good friend Matti Lehikoinen came along on this trip, as he is now back on his bike after suffering serious injuries and overcoming a battle with depression.

Matt McDuff

The ever-ambitious Canadian, Matt MacDuff, shares his outlook on mountain biking, competitions and what drives him to support his family. Follow Matt while he visits the Fox headquarters and some of his favourite home riding spots.

Cruz in Cali

Delve into the world of Santa Cruz Bicycles and their downhill team, Syndicate, one of the worlds most successful downhill teams with 4 world championship titles in the last 10 years. Meet Syndicate’s team of charismatic riders who have been key to their success. Finally, an introduction to Juliana, a breed of bikes specifically created for women.

Pilgrim and Jones

Sam Pilgrim and Matt Jones take us to the Woburn trails and Corby indoor skate park, two equally challenging UK spots with some truly unique lines. See what it takes to train in the UK during the wet winters and their hobbies outside of mountain biking.

Pierre-Edouard Ferry and Nicolas Vouilloz

Explore the riding in Lyon and Nice, France, with local riders Pierre-Edouard Ferry and Nicolas Vouilloz. Pierre-Edouard is a long time slopestyle and freeride veteran and Nicolas is a 10-time downhill world champion. This wealth of experience, combined with their passion for all things mountain biking, helps them thrive in a key role in product development for Michelin.


There is Hope

Join Hope’s co-owner and their riders to see where it all begins in their factory; the way mountain biking technology is being constantly developed; and their custom built testing area. The Hope team then head to Kinlochleven, Scotland for The Dudes Hazard Enduro race.


Explore the vibrant mountain bike riding community in Barcelona, the result of the amazing street riding available as well as La Poma Bike Park, a mountain biking mecca for riders all over Europe. Witness an almost impossible flip by Bienvenido Aguado and the Happy Ride contest.


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