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Maximum Velocity

2007 / Motor - Drift

Digital HD / Action / English / 52 mins

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MAXIMUM VELOCITY is all about fast cars and faster women. Hosted by model Sara Marie-Mitry (Playboy, FHM and Stuff), this video sizzles with the sexiest women in the hottest scene – the world of high performance import cars. Check out the step-by-step build of the 1,200hp Venom Supra. Watch the top Drift drivers and learn their secrets to sideways car control, and hang out at the best car shows in the world. Plus, we have the best Grip/Drift events at the top tracks in the United States. MAXIMUM VELOCITY covers the action in great detail with amazing on-car, in-car and even under-car camera footage! We cater to the enthusiast who desires in-depth features on building and driving performance cars and, of course, the women who make the scene what it is…


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