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Little Black Wheels

2010 / Water - Surf

Digital HD / Action / English / 57 mins

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In May 2007, our family embarked on a five month road trip. A two year old, a pregnant mother, a dog, a dad,  and a camper van.

This isn’t a particularly new concept; surfers have been doing it for years; the bread and butter road trip. No boat charters, internet swell predictions or expensive budgets, just a car, some boards and a plan.

Starring Dain Thomas, Mick Hughes, Johnny Abegg, Antoine Cardonnet, Rasta, Beau Young, Jimmy McMillan, Brett Schwartz, Ry Craike, Mark Healey, Dave Macaulay and Family, Kristian Spencer, Danny Wills and a host of other underground surfers.

Find out the stories of these surfers, their lives, why they travel and surf.

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