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Kranked 4

United States / 2001 / Mountain - MountainBike

Digital HD / Action / English / 48 mins

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The follow up to Kranked 3 “Search For The Holy Trail”…a state of the art mountain bike video. Guaranteed to be packed with hard charging footage. A truly international effort with spectacular footage from Australia, Canada, France, Morocco, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. Building upon our first three films the Kranked Trilogy including Kranked – Live to Ride, Kranked 2 – Trails from the Crypt and Kranked 3 – Ride Against the Machine, Search for the Holey Trail incorporates our trademark spectacular 16mm footage, crisp edits, tweaked special FX and fantastical story line as the best mountain bikers in the world let it all hang out for the cameras and your viewing pleasure.


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