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2012 / Water - Surf

Digital HD / Action / English / 48 mins

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Intentio is a new surf film from Loïc Wirth. Intentio is a unique & beautiful expression of Loïc’s passion for surfing & the ocean. Reminiscent of Sipping Jetsreams or Castles In The Sky, the film is a surfing jouney that will leave you stoked!

Starring Marco Giorgi, Cristian Muller, Gabriel Medina, Craig Anderson, Fernando Moura, Jean da Silva, Jeronimo Vargas, Gabriel Muller, Ricardo Santos, Ian Gouveia and Chippa Wilson.

Shot in New Zeland, Uruguay, Indonesia, France, Hawaii, Brasil and California Photography, Editing, Filming and Direction by Loïc Wirth.

Narration by Vernon Deck.

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