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Hyper Street Racing A

2004 / Motor - Drift

Digital HD / Action / English / 55 mins

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Ready to get slammed by a wall of street racing, stunts, cars, explosions, clowning and never-seen-before caught-on-tape chaos?  Are you sure you want to enter into the madness that is HypeR Street Racing?  Just remember that once you enter, there is no way out.  Be prepared to get hooked on the HypeR debauchery.  We have only one motto at HypeR Street Racing…”Rock It Til The Wheels Fall Off!”  This movie is not for the faint of heart.  We don’t spend a lot of time on boring car features, endless bling, bling, show footage, or anything you might have watched before or have seen for yourself.  HypeR Street Racing is a bunch of guys who race and clown.  We are the pranksters of the street racing world.  You do not want us to come over to your house! …but you can watch us from the safety of your living room.  And because we are backed by Teckademics, we have compiled all the best parts just for you – slamming burnout after burnout, destruction, racing, chaos, clowning, news, music videos, an original soundtrack and content, content, content!!!


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