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United States / 2007 / Mountain - Snowboard

Digital HD / Action / English

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Our renound snowboarders and skiers are driven by their passion, their thirst for a challenge and their craving for kicks. Team Rip Curl’s 4 international riders are – Baptiste Collomb-Patton (France), Andy Finch (USA), Chris Booth (Australia), Per Loken (Norway) they were all there from the 10th to 26th February 2007, all taking a part in the incredible mission which can de described as the Quest for the Highest Kicker in the world!

Leaving from Kathmandu, an expedition of 16 days, leading up from Mount Everest base camp pathways, discovering Sherpa country, winding our way through the Great Himalayas and getting used to the climatic conditions which can be very cruel up in the Nepalese mountains! On their way to the mountain peaks, they were confronted with a natural world that is as perilous as it is unknown, where the wind can surpass 250 km/ hour and the temperature can drop to minus 60°C.

These brutal conditions have earned Mount Everest the nickname of The Third Pole, and our boys had to get used to it.

Supported by a team of highly professional mountain guides and experts in the ascension of Mount Everest, they were able to discover the immaculate, untouched, snowy mountain peaks, in the pure tradition of the Rip Curl Search.


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