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Germany / 2007 / Motor - Other

Digital HD / Action / English / 40 mins

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Badseed Productions returns with their follow up to the hit best selling DVD FAD ! FAD hit the mini scene hard with some serious progression. In Hate US the Badseed crew take things to all new levels.

Featuring Travis Hart and his history making full loop on a 50 through a concrete full pipe! Jake Ness shows his stuff with an unbelievable DOUBLE BACKFLIP on a 50 and the record distance backflip. Kelly Tedder kills it with never before seen combos and variations on a super kicker. Garrett Iwanicki, David Wurst, Drew Petrie and the rest of the boys hit some brand new spots including skate parks, new addition Johnny Smith hits the infamous roof gap at the sunset car wash in Hollywood !

Also including clips from top riders such as Dain Kinnard and TJ Russell….

HateUS is a must have in any collection!


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