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France / 2014 / Mountain - Ski

Digital HD / Action / french

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“Hang out” is a phrase meaning to be with with his friends, and it is this spirit, this way of life we wanted to immerse yourself in the atmosphere that drives our travels. 

Because our achievements will help you discover and rediscover landscapes and destinations in a perspective uncommon, we started from Chamonix (France – 74) WhiteWater (Canada), to places where the ski does not lend itself to that street as Saint Hilaire ( France -. 38). To be honest, our films would not be much without contributing sports. That is why we are surrounded by the cream of French skiers (and two young Estonians you probably know), all by mixing styles and disciplines … so you can contemplate a Sam Favret aggressive and powerful on slopes engaged until Kelly Sildaru , graceful and full of talent leaving more than a bushel behind her on the Snow Park. 

As to the origin of our first game, it’s in a family spirit that cameramen and riders have experienced this winter in particular, rediscovering a passion for skiing through a united team in order to please their entourages to you and to others. To close and keep it simple: Hang out is a freeski film made ​​for fun, where the words of order are: friendship, fun and simplicity. So, Hang out with us.

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