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United States / 2005 / Motor - Drift

Digital HD / Documentary / English / 64 mins

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This edition of the popular GRIP tuner series takes import car enthusiasts on a wild ride through LA, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Jam-packed with the import world’s hottest women and cars, GRIP: VOLUME 6 features Signal Auto’s 950 HP Skyline GTR, Sexy Style’s Pro Drift RX7, and Rmagic’s RX8 and RX7. From the streets of Osaka to the inside of Tanaka Shop, GRIP puts you behind the wheel for plenty of illegal drifting action. In addition, this release features an exclusive interview with Thuy Li, one of the import world’s most promising new models. Also check out the girls of Tokyo Auto Salon, and Chris Forseberg as he displays his freestyle dance skills.


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