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2007 / Water - Surf

Digital HD / Action / English / 39 mins

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Flavours is a high performance surf movie featuring top Indonesian and foreign surfers alike, tackling some of the largest and seemingly most perfect swells of 2006. Flavours proudly deliver complete surf sections of Indonesian talents, a rare occurrence in any other international surf film production. Flavours invites the viewer to witness Indonesian surfers match up against top world professionals like Andy Irons, Jamie Obrien, Josh Kerr, Mikala Jones and Dave Rastovich ; to mention a few.There will be exclusive interviews with central figures of the film, documenting how Indonesian surfers look upon their position in the world of surfing and what they predict for future generations. The islands of Indonesia are widely known as a united surf nation, continuously expanding their surf power identity. Since the early 1930´s, a colorful array of surfers, filmmakers and photographers have traveled across the globe particularly to experience the thousands of miles of coastline that Indonesia has to offer. Today, not only the waves but also the local surf talents of Indonesia have become focus points in the world of surf media. The backdrop to this seemingly straightforward film is the complex country of Indonesia, defined by contrasting images: one with idyllic beaches, reefs, and of paradise; the other of a nation troubled by natural disasters and terrorism. Flavours aims to show the world that Indonesia is a safe location for foreigners and that there are good reasons to carry on traveling to Indonesia. Flavours is shot exclusively around the islands of Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Java, and of course, Bali – all top tourist and surf destinations. Apart from the striking natural scenery, these locations offer some of the most consistent and challenging waves in the world today – and it is for this very reason they produce and attract such brilliant surfers….


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