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Drop: My Live Downhill

United States / 2011 / Urban - Skateboard

Digital HD / Action / English

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Drop’ stars Mischo Erban, Kevin Reimer, Erik Lundberg, James Kelly, Louis Pilloni, Martin Siegrist, Scoot Smith, Brianne Davies, Quinn Dubois, Zak Maytum, Noah Sakamoto and the whole IGSA family.

‘Drop’ seamlessly weaves an action sports film and an art film together with a contemporary documentary about the worldwide family of longboarding. Shot entirely on the Red One Camera, ‘Drop’ is a stunningly cinematic journey where at times you feel like you are riding down the steep mountain passes yourself. Winning Best Cinematography at the Action On Film Festival and after successful screenings in Vancouver, Singapore, Stockholm and Zurich, ‘Drop’ is finally here on DVD.

The DVD is full of extras that give you a behind the scenes look into the making of the film and include the uncut ‘first run’ taken down an infamous California road.

‘Drop’ is an introduction to the athletes and the world of downhill skateboarding. ‘Drop’ Stars 3x World Champion Martin Siegrist from Switzerland, 2009 World Cup Series Champion Mischo Erban from Vernon, B.C., 2008 World Champion Scott ‘Scoot’ Smith from Pender Harbor B.C., 2009 World Champion Kevin Reimer from Canada, 2007 World Cup Series Champion Erik Lundberg from Sweden, James Kelly, Louis Pilloni and Noah Sakamoto. The film was shot entirely on the Red One and incorporating the filmotechnic arm. ‘Drop: My Life Downhill is an independently produced film by Marc McCrudden.


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