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Brilliant Corners

Barbados China Haiti Jamaica Liberia / 2015 / Water - Surf - Sup

Digital Full HD / Documentary TV Series / English / 5 x 52 mins

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Brilliant Corners is a dynamic new adventure series presented by travel writer, explorer and former European Longboard surfing champion, Sam Bleakley. Travelling with his surfboard in tow, Sam uses surfing to get under the skin of the coastlines and cultures he visits, including Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, Liberia and China. Watch the trailer for each episode below.

Through interviews, narrative and beautifully filmed surfing sequences in extreme destinations, Sam meets the emerging local surf cultures, and discovers the landscape, art, food, music, characters and carnival. Brilliant Corners is a celebration of life, travel and off-the-beaten-track places, demonstrating how surfing can offer detailed understanding of the changing relationship between cultures and coastlines.

Watch the series trailer below:

Haiti: Let Freedom Ring – Watch the trailer here.
Jamaica: A Celebration of Caribbean Cool – Watch the trailer here.
Barbados: Surfers Point – Watch the trailer here.
Liberia: Beat the Drum and Dance Again – Watch the trailer here.
China: Exploring Hainan’s Surf Culture – Watch the trailer here.

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