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Beyond, an African Surf Documentary

2018 / Surf

Digital Full HD / Documentary / English / 111 mins

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From the makers of the critically acclaimed documentary “The Old, The Young and The Sea,” comes Be-yond. An African Surf Documentary.

Beyond explores the unique board-riding cultures found in Morocco, Mauritania, Gambia and Senegal. Dropping into some of the most isolated coastlines in the world, the travelers spent three months on the road filming, photographing and interviewing a host of fascinating characters that have all found ways to adapt to the harshness of their respective environs while still carving out surfing and other adventurous lifestyles. Dealing with thematic issues such as individualism in traditional societies, the potential con-flicts that arise when 21st century ambitions collide with time honored traditions, and the quest for per-sonal fulfillment.

By Lotus Film Gesmbh & No-mad Earth Media OG


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