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Airbrushing 101

United States / 2004 / Water - Surf

Digital HD / Instructional / English / 96 mins

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Airbrushing 101 is the final tape in the JC Trilogy on building surfboards and is the industry standard and only video available teaching surfboard graphics.

Learn to paint flames, sunbursts, and other advanced graphics. Airbrushing 101 teaches how to paint a board to look like Balsa wood called “Falsa” and also how to master the art of using paint pens.

Veteran airbrusher Wade Easterling previously of “Gerry Lopez Surfboards” teaches the viewer what airbrushes to use, how to use them and airbrush maintenance. Watch three other top artists as they paint incredible designs and learn from them step by step.

This video contains incredible surfing footage of the JC Hawaii team and also the Quicksilver “Men Who Ride Mountains” contest at Maverick’s making it a top notch surf film as well.

An incredible soundtrack is included featuring top notch Christian bands such as Olivia, The Lively Hearts, Fight The Bully, Skanabata and Off The Record.


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