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A Day In The Life

2013 / Water - Surf

Digital HD / Action / English / 50 mins

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The film of the year is here, A DAY IN THE LIFE by Matt Gye!!! Baa-Gee’s newest surf film is the much anticipated “World Surf Images” film “A Day in the Life…”. Any surf movie that starts with a Metallica track and then features the band in the movie is sure to get the blood flowing. Matty Gye, Shaggs and Rick Jakovich are the brain and angles behind the international award winning films “3DEGREES” and “MONTAJ” who now call themselves “World Surf Images”. Shot in virtual every corner of the earth and shinning an alternate light on the sport of surfing, the film shows how diverse every surfers life is, “A DAY IN THE LIFE…” could be described as a tale of classic short stories.


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