This April, XTreme Video would like to present The Five Elements of Adventure by Nissan as the film of the month. Throughout April the film is available to watch for FREE on Vimeo, using promo code: NISSAN.

Matt Walker has worked as an international mountain guide for the past two decades, climbing the world’s seven highest peaks and leading expeditions across some of the world’s most spectacular and challenging environments.

The Five Elements of Adventure - Kayak

Like so many of us, Matt has struggled to find a balance in life, fighting against the predetermined path carved out by modern work culture. Drawing from the pivotal moments in his own life and the insights gleaned from the hundreds of people he has led on his expeditions, Matt has dedicated his life to exploring the true power of adventure and its potential to positively impact our everyday lives.

The Five Elements of Adventure - Rope Swing

Joining four fellow adventurers from across Europe on an incredible journey through the foothills of the Himalayas, beautiful cinematography and insightful storytelling provide an inspiring exploration of the ‘Five Elements of Adventure’.

“Stop a moment. Cease your work. Look around you.” Leo Tolstoy.

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