We are thrilled to announce that one of our most recent films, “Danger Dave” premiered in UK at House of Vans London on Thursday 4th December. This was a sell-out exclusive screening in the House of Vans 100 seat cinema room.

A bit about House of Vans…
The House of Vans London is open five days a week as well as hosting major live events at weekends. The space is ready for both work and play; with a wide range of educational & learning activities on offer. Not forgetting, our cultural and sporting events that are attracting the best talent from across the globe… from skateboarding and beyond.

Inspired by neon lights, Americana and rugged skate environments; Vans have transformed the vast 30,000 square feet of this iconic indoor-space in Waterloo into an ‘Off The Wall’ home for the European edition of The House Of Vans.

Danger Dave Screening House of Vans

Danger Dave Skateboard Film

A bit about Danger Dave…
‘Danger Dave’ or ‘The trials and tribulations of a professional skateboarder who is on his last legs yet has no desire to end his career’. For five years a filmmaker explores the fall of a man who is unable to maintain a professional career as his life becomes a downward spiral of parties and debauchery. Their relationship develops over time, and a character emerges against all odds.

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