After another awesome year at X-Treme Video we are proud to present to you a selection of our best videos from 2014.

Suzuki Nine Knights 2014 | DEATH GAP Double Backflip by Jesper Tjäder

The Suzuki Nine Knights presented by GoPro in Livigno at Mottolino, Italy, is an event renowned for innovation and progression. The castle was designed with many options and Jesper Tjäder (SWE) was the man who took the biggest most dangerous option. A 55 metre transfer over a Halfpipe!

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UTV vs Motorbike ON ICE by StuntFreaksTeam

Polaris RZR and Suzuki GSX-R going head to head on a frozen lake! Drifting, studded tyres, explosions (of course) and even some ice fising.

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BASE Dreams 2 | New Series | Trailer by Chris “Douggs” Mcdougall

Best of Bridge BASE jumps, Cliff BASE jumps, building BASE jumps, Wingsuit proximity flying, Skydive & some very “Special” jumps! Douggs has spent another 12 months travelling the world in the search for more incredible BASE Dream adventures! Follow “BASE Dreams 2” the series for a unique insight into the life of one of the worlds most awesome, fun & friendly BASE jumpers!

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Extreme Toys | MTB & BMX | Playmobil StopMotion

Karim Rejeb creates extreme sports stop-motion with playmobil characters, in this episode the playmobil riders explore the Mountain Bike & BMX world, ridden on mountain trails and unpaved environments.

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Surfing in Africa | Diamond of the Desert

A short surfing film where we can see some riders surfing a secret spot off the African desert.

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NINE KNIGHTS MTB 2013 | First ever double backflip on a downhill bike by Antoine Bizet

Antoine Bizet is the first ever rider to stomp a double backflip on a downhill bike. The session at Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno was going nuts and Antoine stomped the trick 4 times in a row, even while beeing the leader of a massive train.

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“Surf Is Life 3” FREE SURF FILM by Fred Compagnon

“Surf is life 3” which was shot last March during his family surf trip to Indonesia shows us some awesome shots with creasy new angles of perfect waves, that he recorded on his GoPro camera, friendly people & good times.

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StuntFreaksTeam – OUR LIFESTYLE (Full Movie)

SFT show us what their all about with this feature length film. Available in full now on YouTube.

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