In september 2013 XTremeVideo joined many others to support and celebrate the spirit of life, surfing and culture. It was a real pleasure for us to be involved and hope to be a part of it for years to come however the future events turn out. Check out all the highlights from last year, and don’t forget to follow these guys to keep up to date with the future events!


Words : The Greenaway Pro

The Greenaway Pro started as a tribute to a local surfer/lifeguard/artist Tom Greenaway and as a testament to the man himself, has continued evolving beyond a boutique festival into a something far bigger that has been adopted by all the communities involved, with and ethos of generosity, good spirit and celebration.

The success of the Greenaway Pro 2013 was self evident in the community spirit that brought the event to life.

With an endless number of people giving their time, efforts and support this was truly what it set out to be, a community event. It has engrossed a wider spectrum of love and friendship. Each person involved, from the surfers, musicians, organisers and most importantly the festivalgoers seemed to feel this at every stage of the event. The team behind The Greenaway Pro would like to thank everyone involved for their positive energy, love and for partying for charity.

Other highlights from the event can be found below –