This weeks episode of Pushing the Limits sees the Stunt Freaks Team pulling off some Awesome Moto Stunts! From racing through explosions, to driving a skidoo on water, these guys give everything to push their skills to the limits in this new episode.

Check out the episode here:

Car Vs Bike at‎ produced by
Drifting on snow, Watercross with Joni Maununen, stunt freak lifestyle,
High Jumping with motorcross and crazy landing with a base jump canopy featuring Antti Pendikainen,….

Antti Leppänen
Juha Ruokolainen
Justus Vatanen
Joona Vatanen
Jarkko Jylhä
Sebastian Westberg
Antti Pendikainen
Joni Maununen
Janne Myllyoja
Harri Kosunen

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