This month we would like to introduce our new movie released on  VOD platforms: Time Of My LIFE

Time of My Life (TOML) is a movie documentary project born and initiate through the Association GCC-02 in spring 2011 in West Switzerland.

Ski, skateboard and snowboard movies are usually made to impress and show only one aspect of these sports: impressive tricks and bluebird skies. Skiing and snowboarding are much more than that. With the TOML project, we want to explore the back stages of the « show » and wish to give a more complete and authentic vision of the riders experience. The movie guideline is to catch and film what is behind skiing, snowboard and skating, what is behind these passions.

« TOML is a movie about ride and its philosophy. »

– A documentary movie project that mix snowboarding, skate- boarding and skiing to show the passion
– Riders from the Swiss scene
– 3 cameramen throughout the project