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BMX MTB WAKEBOARD – FISE – Pushing the Limits – EP 1

BMX, MTB, WAKEBOARD crashes & tricks from FISE. Episode N°1 of “Pushing The limits” – A New episode next Sunday 5pm on X-Treme video:

Mad FISE riders will blow your mind, pushing over their limits to do their best in most extreme sports ever. BMX Roller, MTB, Slope style, big Jumps with some dirty falls and pain, and then glory when succeed

Every Sunday now at 5pm follow a new episode of “Pushing The Limits” for strong vibrations.


Base Jump – We Came As Strangers – Douggs

A Base Jump edit named ‘We Came As Stranger’ featuring well known Chris “Douggs” McDougall.


Antoine Bizet’s Chatel 25 meters overshoot Chest Cam!

Biggest jump of my life! I mega overshooted the big air on The Face 2 days ago during Chatel bike festival!


Girl Surf Trip – Cactus and Sombreros – Keshia Eyre

Keshia Eyre is a young British surfer rapidly rising through the ranks. She is rapidly becoming the best woman of UK surfing.
During the Los Cabos Open 6-Star Keshia and Tatiana Weston-Webb had some fun together exploring those famed spots at the tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.


FreeRun Gaza Trailer | Ambition et Passion – Parkour

War in Gaza doesn’t stop youth to pursue their dreams and to do what they do best in life! More actions?


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